Improving My Crop Production

Consider Organic Dry Pelleted Fertilizer

When your livelihood depends on the quality of your crops, it is important that you put out the best crop possible. One of the biggest aspects of producing great crops is the soil. Some areas of the United States have better soils than others, but there are a few things that you can do that can increase the quality of your soils. One of the most common ways to increase the quality of your soil is to use a high quality fertilizer. You will be able to choose between pelleted dry fertilizer and liquid fertilizers. There are benefits to both, but there are some valid reasons that you should be considering pelleted dry fertilizer.


Many people prefer the way that liquid fertilizer is applied because it is quick and easy. When you spray liquid fertilizer, the fertilizer is absorbed through the leafy part of the plant. This means that not a whole lot of the nutrients are absorbed by the soil, so the nutrients will not be able to sustain the plant in the future. When using pelleted fertilizer, the nutrients are put in the soil, and then absorbed through the plant's root system. This allows for continued nourishment.


If you are farming corn in Utah, you are going to have a much different soil than if you are farming corn in Iowa. You will not want to use the same type of fertilizer. One of the very best aspects of dry pelleted organic fertilizer is that it can be completely customized for your farm soil. Soils need to have very specific nutrients. What you are growing may also determine what type of fertilizer that you want to lay down for your crops. With dry pelleted fertilizer you will be able to have the fertilizer completely tailored to your soil and your crops.

Direct Application

A major problem with liquid fertilizers is that you have to wait for a calm day to spray your fertilizer. If you do not wait for a calm day, you may end up spraying fertilizer in the wind. With pelleted organic fertilizer you will know exactly where all of your fertilizer ends up, because the application is direct and visible. You will also not lose money in fertilizer being carried away by the wind. You will also never have to worry about mixing the right amount of fertilizer when you are putting it down on the soil, the pelleted fertilizer is perfect the way it comes out of the bag. 

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Improving My Crop Production

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